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Hi Indian desi girls sex stories readers this is the excellent site for sex stories, i’m reading the stories in this site since one years. But unfortunately i didn’t have any experience form these days. Last week i had an experience with a lady in the bus from kurnool to bangalore. Let me tell about myself, my name is raja, working in one of the mnc company in bangalore .These incident happened when i am in return journey to bangalore from my home town .Pls excuse me is there any mistake because it is my first experience story

Now let me start the story, it was Monday , i reached the bus stop ,due to Monday the crowd towards Bangalore less . One luxury bus is already in the platform and it was ready to move ,immediately i rushed into bus the was already filled only last 1 seat is pending ,i reached there ,sudden surprise one young lady was sitting near window ,i asked her whether i can have the window seat ,she told that sorry because next seat uncle was drunk mood , i told ok sat beside here ,the bus started ,the bus reached outskirts , the conductor had taken off the lights ,mean while we introduced our self. .Her name is Tulasi (22) completed her degree , going to Bangalore for job search .She looks fair and nice structure with figure of (32-28-34)(she only told the sizes after the threat complete) .

Initially i doesn’t have any intention upon here ,we just had a casual chat and i had taken my mobile and hearing the music ,i had given one ear phone to her and one to me ,we listening to songs and she slow went into sleep me also want to sleep but my side seat uncle was disturbing my sleep ,so i am able to sleep i am just listening to songs and closed the eyes ,then girl moved towards me due to cooled climate she laid on shoulders and slept ,while she was moving toward me my right hand touched on her boobs ,i suddenly got shock and opened my eyes , the girl was in deep sleep i felt somewhat happy ,bcoz it was my first time one girl laid on my should and sleeping ,she covered her body with her chuni , i closed my eyes and feeling happy

After 5 mins the uncle in sleep mode suddenly he pushed towards here ,my shoulder went crushed her right boob ,she suddenly woke up and seeing at me then the uncle to told sorry for pushing ,hearing to that i got relief and that girl thought also vanished from her mind and told sorry for me for laying my shoulder, the topic has ended and she went to sleep , i am looking at her ,she was in deep sleep suddenly one vehicle went side due to light focus i seen here her boobs are exposed with black bra ,my eyes on her boobs ,now my mind when to some romantic things ,i am not to able control my thoughts ,slowly moved toward her ,and i am acting that i am in sleep ,slowly i had opened my eyes the boobs are coming out and those are just scale distance for me.

Then slowly i placed my head on shoulder and acted that i am in deep sleep she woke up and looked at me and she thought that i am in deep sleep ,so she didn’t disturbed me ,she adjusted her top and chuni and closed her eyes ,i am absorbing all through one eye ,me feeling happy inside slept like that for few min ,slowly took her chuni and rounded some on my body ,then i am moving my right hand towards her right boob and slight touched her boob . I did it for few times ,then slowly placed my total hand on here boob ,it was awesome it was completely full of my hand and soft like sponge .She was in sleep and as well as awake ,she taught that i kept in sleep mode ,as she was also enjoying inside ,me gradually stating her boobs on here top she was becoming very hot.

She was also enjoying my pressing and breathing heavily she lead towards me and whispered slowly that pls press my left one also ,on hearing that voice me got wings and immediately my hand moved towards here left boobs ,i am in full temptation i am pressing her left and right boobs hardly on her dress suddenly i pressed her left boob very hard she moaned hahaaaaaa,,, and she came near to me and told press slowly it is paining .Then i slow downed my hand and moved down to her belly ,i playing with here naval on dress ,i and she where getting where hot ,already my 7 inch cock was in 90 degrees ,as i tooled that it was my first exp ,i don’t know what to do ,and what i am doing as i taught it is my final chance so do what u want do .

I placed my left hand on shoulder from back ,slowly moved left hand into here top ,left boobs is totally fixed into my left hand ,nipple became hard i can sense it on her bra ,the bra was tight i am not able to remove the bra from boob ,i tried my level best ,and i moved my right hand inside from bottom and i am touching her naval ,it was so smooth and silky ,suddenly th lights came on .We got up hurry and seen surrounding ,all are in sleep and the conductor shouted anantapur anantapur (middle stage b/w kurnool and bangalore )we got up adjusted our self and looked each other smiled each other .The bus went to bus station ,conductor told that the bus will stop for 15-20 for passengers ,due to temptation i went to toilet and opened my pant ,my cock was in 90 degrees and i started jerking it up and down thinking fucking her and thinks happened in bus ,i masturbated for twice with huge load which can fill whole mouth of that girl. After coming out from toilet i taught to fuck her at any way in bus (as it was my first time my expectation went fast and high).

I went to shop and brought one water bottle ,the bus started as i get into bus surprise and to my half half bus was empty ,only me and that girl where in last seat and front seat both side are blank , i went to my seat i feel today is my day my most beautiful day ,as reached my seat the girl looked at me and gave a smile , and i sat on my seat and i heard conductor voice that he will stop the bus near by daba so u can have ur dinner there itself ,and he switched off the lights and i went close to her and asked her how was the foreplay ,she replied with sweet kiss placed on my chin ,then with in few seconds i griped her head and placed a kiss on here fore head and slow started kiss here lips then we are in our world we exchanging the saliva and tongues each other ,

I kept my both hands on here boobs and press like anything ,from bottom my hands went inside here dress on bra itself i am pressing and pinching the nipples ,as i am trying to remove the bra ,due to huge boobs and tight bra it became difficult ,but at last i moved the bra to upwards and now the nude boobs on my hands i feel that i am in heaven ,i am pressing here right boob with left hand ,pinching the left nipple with right fingers ,and we are kissing like any thing that we are only in our words ,,the light came on and the bus stopped near daba ,we went down we had our food, she went for rest room and came back to our seat ,after 30 min the bus has started ,and conductor told that the will be no stopping and directly to Bangalore ,on hearing to that i felt so happy ,so no disturbing will be there .The conductor went and switched off the lights ,i checked my surrounding as to my luck my front 2 seats on bottom are still empty and reaming passengers are already in sleep mode .

I went near to her and hugged her and kissing on neck and face all ,she was enjoying and told be slow ,as time is there do slowly ,then i clam down and slowly we started with french kiss and my hand traveled towards her boobs from bottom ,to surprise there is no bra ,i was surprised and asked here where is it ,then she replied with naughty smile that your struggling a lot with that na ,so i removed it .I asked when ,she replied when went to rest room ,i told thanks darling and hugged ,then she smiled and i took her right hand and placed on pant where my cock was already like rod .She touched it faced her head down and smiling ,she slowly rubbing my cock on pant, i lifted her top and went near to her boobs and there are like milky white in color ,and one rupee coin brown and harder nipple ,seeing those my mind was blocked ,with out wasting time directly kept into my mouth and sucking like any think, i am sucking both boobs madly that i am the ruler of her body ,she was moaning hmm ,haha ,hmmm raja….. Come raja suck it ,hahha haaaa haaaaa hmmmm hmmmmmhmmmh ,i am in heaven Raja, she became very hot and hugged me very tightly ,

I removed my pant zip and downed my pant ,i took her hand and placed on my cock ,she directly removed my underwear and took my tool out ,she surprise and toll Raja what aa cock it is it is like a rod, (7inches ) ,it look like a forging rod with full red and heat ,i came out and gave kiss on her lips for few sec ,Tulasi was jerking like anything to became more strong as it reached full erotic .Slowly i am inserting my right hand into her pant ,first she opposed i convinced and finally convinced and removed her pant to down ,i placed my right had on the pussy as it was already wet and sticky ,and looked and smiled she smiled ,slowly removed her underwear ,now i can smell the golden temple of women ,due to dark i cant seen correctly ,i asked her please suck my cock ,she said no ,i said i will be like a heaven ,ur can enjoy more ,then she agreed ,she asked how to do ,i told that your the first women to suck and touch my cock ,she said oh!!!!!!

That’s great then i told how to do (i had seen in blue films ) first touch my cock with your tongue and slow keep my cock into your mouth like lali pap and suck it ,she was doing like that ,i am feeling that i am in heaven ,on other side with one hand pressing the boobs ,and on other hand playing with pussy (roughing),suddenly i instead my finger into her pussy ,she sudden got up and saying it was paining ,pls do it slowly , and asked her ,tulasi i want to see u in nude ,on hearing that words she was shocked and just went back ,she told ,hey raj these is bus not our bed room ,if any one see it will totally bad on us ,i told that no tulasi no one will see ,all are in sleep ,pls in my life i want to see a women with naked pls ,pls ,then she totally checked around and sat on seat and told no , ok suck my cock i told ,she came front and bent towards me and she totally taken my cock inside and sucking like a professional blow jobber ,i gripped her b/w my legs and slow removing her top ,she was trying to oppose ,as she was busy in sucking ,after 10-15 am at the end stage and told that i am going to cum ,,i cummed my heavy cum totally into her mouth ,i removed her top ,now she ws naked on top ,full cum on her mouth ,

She sat back into her sat and i asked how was the taste ,she replied nice and salty ,now let me suck ur pussy ,she covred her body with chuni ,and i went down near to her pussy ,it shaved last 2 days , small hairs are there ,the smell is good ,first i sucked the layers of pussy she was moaning ,haha hahah haaa hmmmmm hmmm hmmmm ,naku naku raja ,na puku ruchi baga anubavanchu (suck it ,taste my pussy)to control the voice i kept my fingers into mouth ,,after sucking sucking she told that i am coming out ,i drank totally salty cum ,while sucking here pussy i removed pant and underwear ,as she was in heaving she was enjoying ever movement and not objecting me ,now she was naked in front of me ,she cover her naked body with chuni ,she told ”raj u did what u want to see na ,your so clever “ ,i asked to remove chuni ,i seen beside and is any one is observing us ,my luck all are in good sleep ,,

I removed her chuni ,my mind blocked first time in my life to seen a naked women live ,suddenly one flash light passed away through window ,i seen her total naked body clearly ,it was total milky white ,i can even remember that figure in my eyes ,then i hugged he thigh tly, ,she took my cock and started jerking and raising it ,i asked her do like my cock ,she replied “no women in world will forget once they suck it ”,on hearing that word i felt proud to have nice cock .She bent down and sucking it ,with in few min it came to its position (7 inch)she told your cock have more powerful ,with few min it has regained its power ,ia m in my duty fingering her pussy ,,i asked her i want to fuck her ,on hearing to that word she was shocked ,she told no way ,its enough ,i don’t to loose my virginity ,i told that i am also still virgin ,she told if u cum on inside i will be pregnant ,then i told ,promise i will not cum inside ,she asked promise from then i promised her ,i said her to open her legs and move backwards window she done it ,,

She took slowly my cock and bent down and kept in mouth and sucked ,and removed it and ,i got up and checked surrounding all are in sleep ,she slowly guided my cock into her pussy suddenly a jerk from bus ,my cock instead totally into her pussy immediately i closed her mouth ,she was crying with pain, i kept like that for few min ,then asked her pain is relieved or not then reply some what better ,i slowly started moving front back ,she was moaning hahaha raja ,pain ga undhi slow ga chey (it is paining ,do slowly) slowly i started and increased my speed ,she was screaming and moaning like any think ,i am in tension ,that any one can get up for her sound i closed her mouth my mouth and increased my speed ,she moaning hah hmmm haha raj ,come on fuck my pussy blast my pussy hahah hahha hmmmm ahhaha mm raj , i continued for 15-20 min i am reaching to end ,i removed my cock and asked her will u drunk it she repealed s ,then she had taken my cock into her mouth and sucking like a mad ,i cam to end and cummed total load into her mouth she drank total ,she taken out my cock ,mean while we are 1.20hr far away to Bangalore ,we rested for few min and she dressed up , last i asked her i want to fuck once more ,he told we are near to bangalore ,i told for few min ,as she was also in mood ,he agreed ,just loosed her pant down and bent in dog style ,my tool was in semi erotic ,she had seen that with any matter kept in mouth and raised to heaven ,

I sat on seat and she came up on me she only guided my cock into pussy and we enjoyed it for few min and she sat on side seat and took my cock ,i lifted the top of her dress and sucking the boobs ,she bent in front of me and placed the cock b/w her boobs ,what a feeling ,(now already cummed in my underwear) i loaded my cum on her boobs ,we adjust our dress ,sat free, as tulasi was more horny ,she kept her hand my dick and jerking ,i asked did u like it ,she told ,i am the slave for ur cock ,no women can forget these cock they use it ,.I slept on her tights and sucking the boobs ,when observed that we near toll gate ,we came to our original position .We reached bangalore ,we exchanged numbers but she got job in hyd ,we will have video chat when ever possible ,but at last i lost my virginity to my darling tulsi ,i use to masturbated daily on think her ,is there woman in bangalore or kurnool for sex ,pls me i am eagerly waiting for my second sex ,pls reply ur comments on raja.Bujji.5007 at gmail dot com

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